How to Use a Wet Film Thickness Gauge - Industrial Physics How to Use a Wet Film Thickness Gauge - Industrial Physics

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How to Use a Wet Film Thickness Gauge

How to Use a Wet Film Thickness Gauge

When you need to know how thick a paint or coating is, one of the fastest and most convenient ways is to use a wet film thickness gauge. Want to make sure you’re doing it correctly and getting the most accurate wet film thickness measurements? Our quickfire guide to using a manual gauge is here to help you.  

Why use a manual thickness gauge?

A manual wet film thickness gauge is small, easy to use, and flexible. Normally made from stainless steel so that they can easily be wiped clean, they can be pressed into the coating just after application so you can quickly see the measurement.  

A manual wet film thickness gauge can also be used in environments where an electrical or digital gauge can’t be used safely. You can find out more about other film measurements in our guide to measuring paint thickness. 

How to use a wet film thickness gauge

To use a wet film thickness gauge like the classically designed Wet Film Thickness Gauge Stainless Steel by TQC Sheen, all you need to do is press the gauge into the coating right after application and then observe the result indicated from the notches cut into the gauge.  

This particular product is made from stainless steel and is suitable for paints, resins, lacquers, varnishes and gels. It won’t be affected by acid or base elements. It is a wet film thickness gauge measuring WG-2 25-2000 µm in 36 steps (6×6) and has an edge radius check (2mm) for protective coatings and high solids. 

Simply wipe clean after each use and it can be used for repeated testing. The TQC Wet Film Thickness Gauge also allows you to test to a variety of industry standards, including GOST R 51690, ISO 2808 and JIS Z2371, so you can rest assured that you are meeting the appropriate specifications with your QA process.  

Where to buy a wet film thickness gauge

As experts in the field of paints, coatings, and films testing, we are the ideal partner for all of your test and inspect needs – including wet film thickness gauges. Our specialists are ready to help you analyze paint, coatings, and general surface treatments for all industries.  

TQC Sheen – wet film testing solutions

Recognized as a leader in innovative paint test equipment since 1947, TQC Sheen is a specialist testing brand that’s part of the Industrial Physics family. Our experts are perfectly placed to help you find the test and inspect solutions that match your needs, whether it’s a wet film thickness gauge for use on the field or a cone and plate viscosimeter for the lab. Find out more about our wide range of film and coating products in the TQC Sheen range