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How to Test the Quality of Powder Coatings

A high-quality powder coating will apply more smoothly and create a stronger coat for a longer lasting result. So how do you know how good your powder coating samples are? With some rigorous testing, of course! Read on for all the basics you need to add powder coating testing to your setup.

Ways to test powder coating quality

There are a few key tests to add to your lineup if you want to make sure your powder coatings are of the highest quality. Our recommended tests to consider include:

  • Adhesion testing

When it comes to powder coated finishes, adhesion testing is a great way to find out whether your finish is going to last. This could in the form of a mandrel bend, an impact test, a crosshatching test or pull-off adhesion testing, all of which are designed to find out what it takes for the coating to be separated from the substrate. For more, check out our full range of adhesion testing solutions.

  • Film thickness testing

A coating thickness test that accurately measure your coating application over wood, concrete, plastics or composites will let you know whether the powder coating has been applied to the preferred thickness. The thickness of the coating can have a big impact on its efficacy, both during application and over time. A film thickness gauge like the FTG2000 by TQC Sheen is very easy to use and gives a high precision reading. Find more options in our selection of film thickness testing solutions.

  • Appearance testing

Be confident that your powder coatings will look good over time and in a variety of settings, with our various types of appearance testing equipment. Whether you need to measure the shade or opacity of your powder coatings or you need to investigate the finish of your substrates, we can help.

  • Hardness testing

Knowing how resistant a powder coating is to scratches or scuffs is very important. Not only will it have a big impact on the way a product looks, but a coating can also provide a barrier to the elements that can be undone by scratches.  We have a huge range of hardness testing machines and devices, from desktop machines best suited for large labs to the handy and very portable Pencil Hardness Test acc. Wolff Wilborn.

Get help with testing powder coating quality

Whether you’re in construction or you’re working in the automotive industry, we’ve got the expertise to help. With almost 100 years of experience in the test and inspect arena, and knowledge throughout a wide range of industries, we have engineers able to answer your questions and help you get set up with the exact testing equipment you need. Ready to hear more? Access our guidebook for exclusive insights!