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Car Body Testing Solutions

Lightweight, streamlined and yet capable of withstanding great pressure – the demands placed on the steel used for forming a car’s body, hood and doors are multifold.  

Manufacturers are constantly looking to create market-leading combinations of fuel economy and safety, and they need testing solutions to match.  

Testing car bodies

Made from sheet steel or alternative composites, the various components of a car body must be robustly tested for tensile strength, impact, reaction to temperature and resistance to rupture.  

Steel and composite tensile testing

Discovering the tensile strength in sheets of steel or composites is essential for knowing how it will behave when under tension.  

Through our specialist United Testing Systems and Testing Machines Inc brands, you’ll a versatile selection of tensile testing machines perfect for the automotive industry. 

Testing temperature in steel

From blasting sun to engines running hot, car bodies need to be able to cope with some serious variations in temperature – and a little bit of testing goes a long way. 

TQC Sheen CureView Gradient Oven 

The CureView Gradient Oven is a flexible oven that makes it easy to heat up test panels on a glass bed. There are a variety of temperature profiles to choose from and it is possible to import gradient profiles, measured by the CurveX oven logger system, so you can simulate the production process on laboratory scale.  

Impact testing for car body and chassis

The impact that car body materials can withstand before burst or failure is essential for safety and aesthetic reasons. It’s essential for manufactures to know exactly how a vehicle will respond in a high impact situation, and our range of impact testing equipment can help you cover every eventuality.  

Elasticity and rigidity testing

It is also essential to know how elastic or rigid the sheet metals used to form the car body are, as this can help determine their behavior when subjected to stress or high forces. We have a variety of testing options available to help you understand how your materials will behave, including modulus of elasticity testing and strain measurement equipment 

Automotive testing and support

We know just how challenging it can be to be in a fast-paced industry like automotives. Whether you’re a Tier 1 or 2 supplier who needs to tackle supply chain issues by introducing new materials or a manufacturer looking to improve on your design, we can help you find the testing solutions to ensure everything is roadworthy.  

With more than 50 years of experience in the sector, we’ve got plenty of expertise to share when it comes to automotive testing solutions