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Abrasion Testing ASTM Standards

Knowing that your paint, films or coatings are able to withstand the sort of wear and abrasion they’re likely to encounter during daily use is essential. Scratches, color loss or scuffing caused by wet or dry abrasion can make a product look old before its time, and testing to ASTM standards can give you a better idea of how your coatings will last.  

Abrasion testing: the basics

Abrasion testing is a method of determining how well a substrate or substrate coating can withstand abrasion, scuffs, scratches and color-loss. It can provide you with a picture of a coating or material’s aggregate toughness and abrasion resistance. There are a few different methods of abrasion testing, with the most common being wash and abrasion, falling sand and spinning disc. 

ASTM standards for abrasion testing

The ASTM standards most likely to be applicable to your abrasion testing include: 

ASTM D2486 – This is the testing standard for measuring the resistance of paints to erosion caused by scrubbing. 

ASTM D3450 – This is the standard test method for washability properties of interior architectural coatings. 

ASTM D4213 – This is a standardized method of testing the scrub resistance of paints by abrasion weight loss. 

ASTM D4828 – This is the standardized test method for practical washability of organic coatings. 

ASTM F1319 – This is a standard test method that describes a procedure for determining the amount of image transferred onto the surface of a white cloth by rubbing. 

At Industrial Physics, we understand just how important it is to know that your test and inspection methods match up to the standards widely accepted by your industry – that’s why our testing machines are always designed with testing standards in mind. 

Abrasion testing solutions at Industrial Physics

Looking for an abrasion test and inspection solution that meets common testing standards? We can help.  

TQC Sheen Scrub Abrasion and Washability Tester 

This reliable testing machine simulates everyday wear from cleaning actions or general use, so you can see how your coatings stand up. It’s suitable for a wide range of scrub, abrasion and washability tests and can be used to determine the staying power of paint, varnish or coatings when subjected to wet or dry abrasion. Find out more about this handy abrasion tester 

Abrasion testing you can trust

The engineers at Industrial Physics have a wealth of knowledge in a variety of specialised sectors, so they can help you find the right tools for the job whether you’re looking for abrasion testing for polymers, metals, papers or even textiles. Check out our highlighted range of abrasion testing solutions.