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ISO Standards

ISO Standards – all you need to know!

As your packaging, product, and material test and inspection partner, we’re here to protect the integrity of our customer’s brands and products. This involves offering solutions that comply to ISO standards – the International Organization of Standards that cover everything from quality and environmental management, through to health and safety, energy management, or IT security.

And that is about more than just providing equipment, it’s about staying up to date with the latest knowledge around testing standards.
With a huge array of equipment on offer to test across a range of applications, we comply with a huge range of standards, including ASTM, DIN, TAPPI, and ISO.
When it comes to ISO standards, we know our stuff. And we have a huge array of instruments that conform to ISO standards. You can take a look through all the equipment we have on offer here.
To help find the right solution for your testing needs, we’ve put together some of the most important questions around ISO meaning. Covering questions like, “what are ISO standards?”, “how do I become an ISO member?” and “what does ISO mean?”.


ISO standards – frequently asked questions

What does ISO mean?

Let’s start off with a basic one – ISO is an acronym. It stands for International Organization of Standards.


What are ISO standards?

Put simply, ISO standards are testing standards that manufacturers, production lines, and laboratories need to adhere to in order to ensure the integrity of packaging, products, and materials across a wide range of industries.


When was ISO founded?

In operation for more than 70 years, ISO standards have been in operation since February 1947.


How many ISO standards are there?

There are thousands upon thousands of ISO standards that can be used to carry out multiple tests.


How does ISO work?

ISO is a global network of national standard bodies. There are 167 members all pertaining to an individual country – each member represents ISO in their specific country.


Can a company or individual become an ISO member?

No. An individual or a company cannot become an ISO member. However, there are ways to get involved in the development of ISO standards – take a look here.


Which industries rely on ISO standards?

As one of the biggest standards bodies on the planet, the corporation supports a broad range of industries. At Industrial Physics, we offer ISO compliant solutions across an array of solutions, including inks and coatings, paper, flexible packaging, and many others.


Do Industrial Physics produce ISO compliant products?

Yes! At Industrial Physics, we have a wealth of instruments on offer that comply that ISO standards. You can view our extensive portfolio of products here.

Remember, if you’d like to speak to the team at Industrial Physics about your packaging, product, or material integrity testing needs, we’re here for you! Get in touch and a member of our team will reach out to help discover the right solution to satisfy your requirements.