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Metal Packaging Products

We make unique testing equipment to ensure the integrity of your metal packaging at different points in the production and filling process.


Need help finding a product for Metal Packaging? Access our product finder here


Got a food, beverage, or aerosol product that requires a metal container? We have the gauges, testers, and software to reduce the cost of production and increase the efficiency of your canning processes.

The Industrial Physics brand is synonymous with innovation and superior quality. As an example – two decades ago we invented automatic, double seam inspection and became recognized as a world leader in the metal packaging world. Access our exclusive webinar Industrial Physics’ Guide to Seam Inspection as we speak to our Global Product Line Director and one of the world’s finest minds when it comes to metal packaging


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Metal is a widely popular material property for companies looking to provide their customers with eco-friendly packaging options. Across a range of testing applications, we help manufacturers, production lines and laboratories to make sure their packaging is fit for purpose. Whether you’re looking for can inspection, seam inspection, gauge testing, or abrasion testing, we can help.

Our products and services will help guide supply chain decisions and identify any weak areas in your metal packaging – giving you the option to improve your packaging, reduce costs, create longer shelf life, protect yourself against risks, and improve the visual appeal.


Access our latest insight reports

Whether you are a can maker, a can filler, or a supplier, we have the quality and process control systems to make your life easier. Our latest beverage report offers you exclusive insight – based on internal and external expertise – into the biggest challenges and opportunities facing quality control within beverage packaging for can makers and can fillers – find more here.






Or get take an in-depth look at our seam inspection solutions in and understand  the return on investment in our latest guidebook – one can is all it take to damage your reputation, dent your finances, and destroy your business. When you’re choosing test and inspection equipment for your canning line, you can’t afford to take any risks.

View our product booklets for aerosol testing and seam inspection solutions.