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Marine Products

If you design, make or operate marine equipment and vessels then we have the range of test and inspection equipment to float your boat!


Industrial Physics makes devices for tensile or compressive strength testing of the metals you work with. We build ultrasound technology that will predict the cured thickness of your powders and paints. While our cyclic corrosion chambers simulate real world coastal environments to show how your materials will stand the test of time.

Our marine testing devices will help you to prepare your samples, to test impact and hardness, or assess heat-treating effects. They also deliver accurate readings on surface tension or surface energy. From basic tensile tests – pulling welds apart – to highly sophisticated testing of composite materials, we have the cost-effective marine testing solutions you need. 


Industrial Physics’ marine testing equipment and frames can be used on a variety of parts and components adhering to most international quality standards, including ASTM and ISO.