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Inks and Coatings Products

Painting testing equipment for inspection success

We’ve learnt a thing or two about testing inks and coatings over the last few decades. And now Industrial Physics is recognized as a brand that likes to bring new, innovative paint testing equipment to market.

We can help you to analyze, inks, coatings and general inorganic surface treatments. Our viscosity testing machines support our customers in analyzing the consistency of paints, coatings, and general surface treatments.

Our adhesion testing technology will show you how your inks and coatings will react when applied to bridges or transport infrastructure. Or check out some of our other paint testing equipment options, including the popular thickness testing Coatmaster Flex – relied upon across the marine, construction, and automotive industries.

If you need paint testing equipment to see how your products and packages will stand the test of time, our portfolio includes specialized corrosion and environmental test chambers that simulate natural weather conditions.

From abrasion testing to viscosity testing – we’ve got you!

We manufacture a range of popular paint testing equipment that include viscosity testing meters, automatic film applicators, scrub and scratch testers, gloss and color meters, sling psychrometers and drying-time testers. And of course, all of our products meet the highest quality standards.

Find out more about our inks and coatings test solutions in our paint testing equipment brochure here or take a look at our latest guidebook  to discover the biggest changes on the horizon for paint manufacturers, material manufacturers, and laboratories – you’ll get access to customer testimonials and case studies.