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Education Products

We’ve been producing quality test and inspection systems for educational institutions across the world of academia for 50 years. Our academia lab testing equipment can be found in STEM high schools, trade schools, colleges, and universities all over the world.

Need to fill a new science lab with the latest and best technology? Looking for a cost-effective universal testing machine for your engineering students? You’re in the right place.

Our systems are robust, easy to use, and cost effective. Without the need to manage complicated programs and software, your students will get to spend more time in the lab.

Just need help with standard inspections? Our testing systems come with several pre-written programs, compatible with many popular materials testing standards. And our equipment can also be customized for more advanced analysis and for research and development purposes.

Students, teachers, and business leaders all over the world rely on our education testing equipment and systems to nurture the development of people. Browse through the many options we offer and let us know how we can help you.