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Defense Products

When you’re protecting armed service personnel, you need to know that the equipment you supply is as good as it can be.

The demands of the defense industry are unique. They require robust and highly accurate testing machines and devices to put vital machines, products, and supplies to the test. And that is where Industrial Physics can help.

Whatever the materials you need to evaluate may be – for hardness, for toughness, for resistance – we can deliver the test frames, devices, and quality control technologies you need. We can put your metals, plastics, and composite materials through a tight regime of quality checks, supporting all aspects of production and performance.

Whether you need quality equipment to further your research and development capability, or seek quality control, material certification or failure analysis services, we offer the best precision product integrity test equipment available.

Our innovative environmental testing chambers are popular across the defense industry. They simulate all kinds of weather patterns and can replicate harsh environmental conditions. These instruments can show you whether your products are tough enough for the challenging places and situations in which they are needed.