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Cosmetics Products

We’ve been testing aerosols and developing quality and process control systems for manufacturers in the cosmetics industry for several decades.


Over the years our engineers have designed and manufactured many popular devices that are renowned for their accuracy and reliability. 


Whether you work with one (monobloc)​, two or three piece aerosol cans, we have all the test and inspection solutions you need for accurate, reliable readings. They check that your products meet most stringent international quality standards including ASTM and ISO.


Why rely on a toolkit of handheld calipers, micrometers, and devices to gauge the key stats of your metal packaging? It’s time consuming and costly. Our ‘all-in-one’ systems check the integrity of your aerosol cans at different points throughout the research and development, production, and quality control stages.

Industrial Physics’ devices take the guesswork out of seamer setup. They improve seam integrity and ensure consistency, increase uptime, and accelerate changeovers.

If you’re looking for increased productivity and less hassle, you’ll love the capabilities of the cosmetics testing devices we make.