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Automotive Products

We’ve been in the driving seat of automotive testing for more than 50 years. Along the road, we’ve learnt a lot about our customers’ vehicles; helping them to check each aspect of every bonnet, chassis, or paint job to maintain consistently high standards.

Want to test for leaks and check your fleet’s valves and radiator tubes? Need readings for the surface tension or surface energy of your paints and coatings? How about a hardness check of all your main components? From simple tension or compression tests on your parts, to advanced materials testing on the latest composite materials, Industrial Physics has a solution.

Check your airbags, seatbelts, and brake parts are consistently safe and performing as expected. Get deep insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your rubber, plastic, or metal parts. And when you have the green light on your vital checks and balances, we have the technology you need to analyze the finishing touches – such as your carpets, vinyl, and interior fixtures and fittings.