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Industrial Physics

The A to Z map of automotive testing success

Wherever you sit within the world of automotive manufacturing, it’s important to strap in, gear up, and accelerate your automotive testing solutions in order to ensure the vehicles that use your products will attract drivers across the world and stand the test of time when it comes to quality control.

At Industrial Physics – with the help of our specialist brands – TM Electronics, United Testing Systems, C+W Specialist Equipment, TQC Sheen and Ray-Ran –  we support the full automotive supply chain from OEM to Tier 3, ensuring that materials and products are tested and inspected to high standards. And ultimately, protecting your brand reputation.

Our exclusive guidebook, ‘The A to Z map of automotive testing success’, offers insights into the following:

  • Sustainability initiatives – gear up for a greener road ahead
  • Raw material challenges – what are the roadblocks?
  • The future of automotive – what does it look like?
  • The impact of automation on the automotive industry
  • Discover how our suite of products can support testing


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