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Unpacking Innovation in 2023

Unwrap the latest obstacles and opportunities around packaging innovations in 2023 with Industrial Physics’ exclusive research report.

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Did you know that 96% of manufacturing decision-makers think packaging innovation in 2023 is important?

In 2023, new packaging ideas are disrupting multiple markets. And we wanted to find out more.  

That’s why we surveyed 284 packaging manufacturing decision-makers across consumer goods, food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical industries.  

The goal? To discover the real-world obstacles, opportunities, and manufacturing complexities that come with new packaging ideas – uncovering important insights around quality and safety, cost constraints, material performance, testing standards, knowledge gaps, and so much more. 

Unpack our findings here!

How are new packaging ideas affecting production?

Our exclusive report, ‘Unpacking innovation in 2023: obstacles and opportunities in packaging manufacturing’, uncovered some critical points around packaging innovation in 2023.

Rip the seal off the most insightful package of 2023 to unbox insights like this:

  • 58% of respondents believe biodegradable plastic offers the most potential to explore new packaging mediums
  • Material choice (71%), available technology (58%) and light weighting (48%) were cited as the biggest opportunities for packaging innovation in 2023
  • 71% say that testing standards are a significant challenge

Alongside our original research, you’ll hear from specialists across the Industrial Physics team – and you’ll also be able to access exclusive insights from multiple experts across the world of packaging. Within the report, we’ll also delve into unique challenges and opportunities that were raised in relation to different materials.

Discover why quality and safety concerns are affecting food packaging innovation in 2023, which testing standards are stalling innovation for new packaging ideas, the ways that metal packaging growth is impacting beverage production, and how perceptions around plastic packaging could be misunderstood.

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of manufacturers’ primary motivators for innovation are to ensure the quality of packaging


of the top goals for packaging innovation are focused on waste reduction


believe new materials are developing faster than testing standards

Hear from our experts

Developing testing standards takes longer than developing new materials, but this also creates difficulty or confusion. A lot of these new plastic-like materials combine an assortment of different materials, so it’s not quite clear if an organic material is chemically manufactured or a composite – this blurs the line between how to treat these materials in terms of standardization.”


Toby Lane, Product and Applications Manager at Industrial Physics