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Industrial Physics

Cut down waste with our unique Dirty Tray Vision system!

Want to know the sweetest secret? For too long, candy manufacturers have accepted the costly waste and less than appetizing clean up that come with dirty trays.

But now, thanks to the Eagle Vision Dirty Tray Vision system, there is another way.

Our advanced solution – the ONLY solution created specifically to target candy waste in jelly starch moulding – has been proven to reduce waste from 5% to less than 1%.

Access our factsheet below to unlock the secret:

  • Learn about the functionalities of our machine
  • View the machine in action
  • Hear success stories from our customers
  • Discover how you can make a mouthwatering return on investment

Kiss wastage goodbye once and for all.

Industrial Physics is a family of brands that provides a suite of instruments of test and inspection equipment.