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Industrial Physics

Corrugated board test – Access quality insights

From the rise of ecommerce, to the boom of sustainable packaging, to the impact of the pandemic, demand for corrugated packaging is at all time high. And ensuring the quality of your corrugated has never been more important. So, what does this mean for corrugated board tests and paper quality testing methods?

Our exclusive report, ‘Your guide to quality corrugated’ offers expert insights, including:

  • The biggest trends impacting the corrugated packaging market
  • Expert advice around how to choose the best paper quality testing methods
  • Information on our suite of corrugated board tests
  • Our servicing options that protect your production line


To access our report, just fill out the form below!

As your corrugated test and inspection partner, Industrial Physics offers a suite of corrugated board tests – whether you’re looking to ensure the stacking strength of cardboard box or discover the best crush test or burst test solution, we can help.