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Oxygen Process Testing Equipment

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Systech Illinois

Expert in moisture, gas and, oxygen analysis

Systech Illinois’s innovative testing systems are designed to solve your gas, oxygen, and moisture analysis issues. Our leading headspace and permeation instruments can be used to ensure integrity across a whole host of packaging types – providing you with equipment that guarantees accurate and repeatable results.

And as part of Industrial Physics – a global test and inspection provider – we’re able to support manufacturers, laboratories, and production lines of varying sizes all over the world.

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Systech Illinois

Systech Illinois

Looking for high-sensitivity and repeatable test equipment? We have the solutions you’re looking for. We specialize in technology that measures gas transfer rates in your packaging and solutions that offer modified atmosphere gas detection and analysis as well as those that support process gas applications.

Systech Illinois oxygen, gas, and moisture analysis instruments – which adhere to relevant industry standards – have helped manufacturers and laboratories dealing with packaging across the worlds of plastic, food, pharmaceutical, medical, and many more.

Our headspace analyzers and permeation instruments are designed with your needs in mind – and we’ve developed permeation products that lower the cost of ownership, offer water sensors that can be consistently reworked and used repeatedly, and reduce the cost of gas required for operation.

Perfection in permeation

We have a wealth of solutions available for a variety of different needs. Solutions like the OxySense 8101 Oxygen Transmission Rate Analyzer – utilize coulometric sensor technology to achieve accurate and repeatable results when it comes to oxygen permeation analysis.

Or the AquaSense 7101e Water Vapor Transmission Rate Analyzer that offers a wide measurement range when testing the WVTR in current and newly formulated packaging film materials.

Our permeation testing solutions have been designed to ensure quality results while lowering the cost of testing and ownership. You can find out more about this in our permeation guidebook!

Perfect your permeation testing today.

Discover your solution

Whether you’re looking for a headspace analyzer or a permeation unit, we can help. Browse through our breadth of equipment below to find the tool that will solve your gas and moisture analysis needs.

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