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Quality By Vision

Superior image resolution at affordable prices

We use the latest technology to create fresh solutions for the metal packaging industry’s challenges. Our powerful instruments will give you a clear image of your products strengths and shortcomings and will help you to identify ways to improve them. As part of the Industrial Physics family, our powerful instruments will give you a clear image of your products strengths and shortcomings and will help you to identify ways to improve them. 
Industrial Physics is a global packaging, product, and material test and inspection partner, and Quality By Vision is one of our specialist brands.
Our systems don’t just check your product’s quality, they can actually improve your whole operation by quickening your processes, making them more efficient and profitable. In turn, this  offers you a pleasingly fast return on investment.

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Quality By Vision

Quality By Vision

If you work with metal packages, then Quality by Vision (QBV) has reliable inspection machines to check everything is working – our instruments improve the efficiency of your processes and the quality of your final product. Ultimately, our instruments save you time, money, and keep your customers happy. 

Half a century of inspection expertise

We’ve been doing this for almost 50 years. In fact, it’s now over two decades since our name became recognized as a world leader in this market: when we invented automatic, double seam inspection.

Whether you are a can maker, a can filler, or a supplier, we have the quality and process control systems to make your life easier. 

Improvement, invention, innovation

QBV engineers are encouraged to innovate and invent new products, solutions, and services. We are continuously improving to meet the evolving needs of our customers and the challenges of the metal packaging industry. That’s why we employ great people who share our vision to improve the industry.

Our industry-leading systems use the latest technologies. We help you to gain a clear picture of your product and operation, and we provide you with the decision-making tools necessary to improve your operations.

Check out our QVIS vision inspection systems. Our customers like them a lot. They’re simple to install and they’re user friendly. They offer superior image resolution and quality in an affordable package – the ideal equipment for can and end makers of all sizes and budgets. 

Here for you, wherever you are

We now work with some of the biggest brands in the food and beverage markets. It’s our job to help all customers, big or small, with their aerosol inspection needs. With three global manufacturing facilities, independent distributors, and service representatives located around the world, we’re here for you. No matter where you are.

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