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Eagle Vision Systems

The global leader in vision inspection systems

Attention to detail is critical in testing. And the leading vision inspection systems brought to you by Eagle Vision Systems are equipped with advanced technology that can revolutionize production lines and laboratories across the food and beverage industry.

Check the seam, code, label, and end cap for your packaging with first-class vision systems that are empowered by advanced technology. Eagle Vision also provides truly unique solutions such as our Dirty Tray Vision system – a world-first that tackles waste reduction for confectionary customers.

As part of Industrial Physics – a global packaging, product, and material test and inspection partner – we can support manufacturers, production lines, and laboratories all over the world.

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Eagle Vision Systems

Eagle Vision Systems

Our solutions are used by food and beverage companies of all shapes and sizes. From food to beverage, to confectionary, our vision systems offer a closer look and improved accuracy when it comes to testing. Utilizing advanced vision technology, Eagle Vision equipment will ensure the integrity of our customer’s brand and product.

Each of our vision systems has been created with our user’s end need in mind. Whether that’s a canning line that requires superior vision technology to examine the intricacies of every seam, barcode, and metal end, or a giant in the world of confectionary that needs to get a closer look into their candy tray, we’ve got a wealth of systems on offer – systems that give you the deepest and most accurate insight possible.

Discover the vision solution you need

Eagle Vision solutions take your testing to the next level. That’s because vision technology allows an extra layer of accuracy that can truly help to protect the integrity of your packaging, products, and materials.

Take our Eagle Vision In-Line Double Seam Inspection system – our technology allows you to inspect 100% of cans in the production line, minimizing the risk of product defects and allowing you highly accurate results.

Access our seam inspection guidebook here!

And our code reader offers unmatched accuracy – you can inspect ink-jet, laser, and thermal-transfer codes on various packaging types, including infant formula cans, food cans, beverage cans, labels, cartons, film, foil and PET bottles.

Find out how our code reader helped one customer to achieve unmatched accuracy

You may be interested in our dirty tray vision system – a unique solution that allows users to significantly reduce waste in candy starch molding. With our advanced solution and use of cameras, you can reduce waste in dirty trays from the industry average of 5% to LESS THAN 1%!

Learn more about our Eagle Vision DTV – and kiss wastage goodbye!

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