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Eagle Vision Systems

The global leader in vision inspection systems

For more than 25 years, we have created powerful testing solutions for the food, beverage, and packaging industries. Our unwavering focus on innovation and continuous development keeps us one step ahead of the competition. We work with some of the biggest names in industry, many of which rely on us as a “one-stop” supplier for all of their inspection needs.

Eagle Vision Systems

Eagle Vision Systems

The phrase ‘eagle-eyed’ is used to describe a person with exceptional attention to detail. 

Dutch physicist Arend van de Stadt, whose first name means ‘eagle,’ had a vision- to create a company that would go on to become the global leader in vision inspection systems for the infant formula canning and confectionary markets. And it was from this aspiration that Eagle Vision Systems was born.

The eagle has landed 

Flash forward twenty-six years and we have become the supplier of choice to fortune 500 multinationals, independent manufacturers, OEM and system integrators. We now have offices located across Europe, North and South America, South East Asia, and China. 

What has been the key to Eagle Vision Systems flight of success? A  combination of factors. 

Firstly, the strong reputation of our vision inspection machines, which enable our customers to maintain quality control of their food, beverage, and packaging production. Our instruments include devices to check the seams, labels, or caps of your cans; products that monitor whether packages are coded correctly; and systems to check that any scoops or spoons you include with your products will get the job done. 

Committed to change

Secondly is the commitment to continuous development. Our inventors and engineers are technical and market experts. They learn the latest technologies as soon as they become available. And they use this knowledge to continuously refine our products and services. As such, our customers rely upon us as a ‘one-stop’ supplier for all  their typical inspection point needs. 

Eagle Vision Systems machines are valued for their short start-up times, simple user interface, and reliable performance – including production at high line speeds. Got a challenging order with tight timescales? No problem, we can help.

Thirdly, we drill down on your unique requirements to offer a truly bespoke service. Any of our 34 innovative inspection machines can be mixed and matched into one system to suit your products and processes. Plus, many of our products come with ‘semi-customization’ capability. This means they are ready to tackle special packaging types and line conditions. This includes the clean and hygienic demands of the baby food production environment, or the high speed and wet conditions needed for beverage lines. 

Support is always here

We want to make sure that you can use our products to their full potential and can add new upgrades without support. This is why our inspection systems have been designed to be as easy to use as possible. But we won’t just leave you to do the learning. We have a global team of over 50 system integrators and distributors who can visit your workplace, get you up to speed, and train your people in best practice – whenever you need us.

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