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Thickness Testing Products

Thickness testing inspection expertise

At Industrial Physics we make thickness testing devices for all types of applications and for many different industries.

Paint thickness testers

Whether you need a paint thickness tester, a coating thickness tester, or you need to work out the right tin coating thickness, we can help.

We make coating thickness testers that accurately measure your coating application over wood, concrete, plastics or composites. Take the TQC DeFelsko Positector 200 – it operates non-destructively using proven ultrasound technology.

Or if you are looking for something more rugged to support the thickness testing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, check out the TQC Coating Thickness Gauge Positector 6000 – it’s another fully electronic coating thickness gauge from DeFelsko you need in the collection.

Tin coating thickness testing

When you need thickness testing to determine the thickness of the tin coating on your metal samples, our STM-9000 is a handy machine to own! It provides accurate tin coating thickness information (tin plating analysis) using the Windows™ operating system – click here to find out more.

We make robust, reliable thickness testing equipment for your paints and coatings, but we also support the thickness testing of flexible packages, paper, textiles and nonwovens across our portfolio of products.

Paper thickness testing

Across the iP thickness testing portfolio of products you’ll find a wide range of calipers, thickness gauges, and digital micrometers. Offering unmatched accuracy and resolution, a modern contemporary look, and a robust mechanical design, our thickness testing micrometers can be configured to meet any ISO, ASTM, EDANA or other international specifications.

Click here for our thickness testing blog that delves further into how to measure the thickness of paper