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Tear Testing

Top-notch tear strength testing

Find out exactly how much force is required to tear your sample materials apart with the latest in tear strength testing technology. 

Tensile strength testing is a vital inspection for organizations that work with plastic films, paper, rubber or textiles. So, we make tear strength testing machines to accurately measure the tensile strength, break strength, elongation, and tear resistance of your samples and finished products. 

To put it simply, tear strength testing involves taking a sample, securing it between two grips and applying a uniform force in a predetermined direction. The sample is observed and as any deformation takes place and, the information is recorded. 

At Industrial Physics we can help you to qualify your tear testing and tensile testing to a raft of international standards including ASTM D1004, ASTM D2261, ASTM D5587 or ASTM D624.

Industrial Physics tear testing tech  


Through our brands such as United Testing Systems, we bring over 50 years of specialist tear strength and tensile testing experience. Our tear testers are the best in the business and deliver accurate and repeatable results, every time. 

To get the accurate and repeatable results you need, precision speed control, load cells, and proper sample preparation is critical. We make a wide variety of equipment that will help you to perform expert tear strength tests – including specialized grips, fixtures and die cutters for proper sample preparation. 

Check out our range of popular universal test frames. They’re delicate enough to apply a few ounces of pressure to pull a single strand of thread apart, strong enough to snap the toughest of woven synthetic materials with thousands of pounds of controlled force. Programmed with up to 100 different tests, our UTMs give you unparalleled control over tension (pull testing), compression and flexibility testing on a variety of parts, components and test samples.  

We also offer a wide selection of grips, fixtures, and load cells to ensure your tensile tests are accurate and repeatable. Whatever your test procedure calls for, we have the test equipment to get to grips with your products. 


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