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Surface Energy Products

Make sure your business doesn’t come unstuck by choosing the latest in surface energy measurement equipment and systems.


When you need complete confidence that the paints, inks, glues or coatings stick to the substrates your organisation works with, you must pay particular attention to surface energy testing.


The relative surface energy of the materials you are using will determine how strong the strength of attraction will be.

As a rule – when you use substrates with a high surface tension, compared to your liquid’s surface lower surface tension – you get a stronger molecular attraction. So, when the surface energy of your materials is relatively low compared to the liquids, you get a weaker attraction.


Our surface energy testing instruments offer precise and reliable results when tested on high energy surfaces such as metals, oxides, and ceramics. They’re equally handy for low energy surfaces such as plastics, rubber and composites. Whatever industry you work in, we have the equipment you need.


Check out our surface energy testing devices below. We love solving customers’ requirements, so get in touch and our team will be able to support!

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