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Speed Testing

Industry-leading test and inspection services - delivered fast!

Slow and steady may well win the race, but sometimes you need results fast! The Industrial Physics LCH Speedy Tester is a portable, hydraulic testing machine designed for quick and convenient speed testing.

The “Speedy” is ideal for testing applications in a lab or R&D environment that doesn’t allow for testing on the floor. It’s an excellent choice for destructive testing applications, such as pulling welds and testing parts to failure – you can choose the grips and fixtures you need to help test a wide range of materials and applications.

Available in both 150kN and 300kN capacities, it features automatic rate-of-load display, overload protection, and rugged construction for years of reliable, trouble free testing.

It comes with a highly accurate, built-in digital information system, so you can run a keen eye over your test data.

We are in the process of migrating additional products to this website; In the meantime, please visit the United Testing Systems website to view our products designed for Speed Testing.


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