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Scratch Testing Products

Are the inks and coatings you use on your products up to scratch? Find out with our industry-leading scratch testing devices.

When you need to analyze how your products will respond to everyday wear and tear, a scratch tester will do the job. Whether you make car doors, construction beams or beverage cans…we have the scratch testing equipment you need.


Industrial Physics scratch testers are ideal when analyzing the resistance of your coatings. They work by applying force to your samples through a diamond tipped indenter as they’re moved underneath at a constant speed which leaves a scratch mark.

By incrementally increasing the test force you build up a material stress. Eventually you reach a point of material failure whereby a scratch becomes a crack and your coating splinters off.

We have a range of scratch testing instruments and diamond tips designed to suit industrial applications. They’ll maximise the reach of your quality control processes and R&D capability – giving you precise and reliable hardness measurements including scratch resistance and coating adhesion to meet the most demanding of international standards.