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Printability Products

Across a lot of industries, printability – the capacity of paper or card types to print – is an important consideration for many companies.

It’s needed when you’re considering the type of paper to use for an instruction manual, for example. And whether you make packaging for others, or you are deciding upon the type of flexible packaging you need for your products…printability testing is vital.

There’s little point in investing in your brand, designing an eye-catching logo, and creating a protective package that stands out on the shelves if the paper you have chosen doesn’t work well with the inks you have selected!

A printability testing device from Industrial Physics will give you the answer to most paper printability and porosity questions you may have – guiding your research and development decisions.

Our printability devices will ensure that your chosen packaging provides the clear and sharp images you need, with no ink displacement. They support scuffing or ink rub resistance testing, from dry rub, wet rub, and wet bleed analysis – through to transfer, wet smear, and functional rub measurement.

Check out our printability testing devices below. If you have any questions about any of our products and service, get in touch!