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Oxygen Process Testing Equipment

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Oxygen Process Analysis

Oxygen Process Analysis

Oxygen-free processing is prevalent across a wealth of industries. That’s because the impact of too much oxygen can be detrimental to your product .

Excess oxygen can adversely affect processes and products, causing delays and shutdowns to production lines, and leading to enormous losses. To alleviate this risk, it’s critical to have an accurate, real time measurement of oxygen concentrations within the process to  ensure efficient operating conditions are consistently maintained. And that’s where we come in.

Industrial Physics protects processes across multiple industries

Our oxygen measurement instruments provide you with reliable reports into oxygen concentrations at part per-million levels – giving you vital  information to take corrective action before problems arise.

This issue can cause manufacturing disruptions across multiple industries. In semi-conductor manufacturing processes, gases used during certain activities must be checked for purity to ensure it is oxygen-free. And in electronics and circuit board manufacturing, the atmosphere within solder reflow ovens has to be oxygen-free, because oxygen as low as 50 ppm can cause voids in solder joints, resulting in poor electrical conductivity and weak mechanical junctures

From solder powder production to optical glass fiber manufacturing, in inert processing ovens and heat-treating systems of all kinds, many manufacturing environments rely upon modified atmospheres to achieve a final product. And thankfully, we’re here to help.

Our oxygen measurement solutions

We have a range of solutions on offer to meet your specific oxygen measurement needs. Our Systech Illinois EC900 and ZR800 oxygen analyzers provide a way to reduce the risk that comes with uncontrolled oxygen concentrations within your processes.

In fact, our EC913 is the only electrochemical fuel cell-based oxygen analyzer capable of measuring ppm levels within seconds of exposure to ambient levels – particularly important when considering that oxygen-free chambers must be open to atmosphere during product swaps, process modifications and regular maintenance. While other analyzers must be purged with pure nitrogen for hours or days before they’re able to read ppm levels again, our solution is the only commercially available electrochemical-based oxygen analyzer that’s ready to go at any time!

Find out more about our range of oxygen process analyzers below!


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