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Oxygen Process Testing Equipment

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Machine Vision and Barcode Reading

Brilliant barcode testing and machine vision solutions

It’s vital that your barcodes and QR codes can be properly decoded and read first time. Incorrect barcodes mean wasted staff hours at the warehouse or cash register. While QR codes that don’t function properly may mean the loss of a sale, click or lead.  

When you’re printing codes on packaging, promotional material or anything else, use our machine vision and barcode testing solutions to know they’re fully readable.


Choosing barcode test and inspection solutions

Avoid the inevitable human error that occurs when manually entering data into a system, by making sure your barcodes are precise and fully readable before they’re shipped out.  

Be confident in your codes, with our innovative barcode reading instruments. Our Eagle Vision Code Reading Inspection module checks your ink-jet, laser and thermotransfer codes on various packaging types, including infant formula cans, beverage cans, labels, cartons and PET bottles. It offers ladder and picket fence barcode reading and 2D Data Matrix Code Reading, including QR codes. 


360° Machine vision testing

Know that when your packaging is heading out to distribution, it’s in top shape with our popular 360° Label Inspection instruments. Carry out a complete final inspection for labeled bottles, jars, cups, and cans quickly and easily. Check your labels are correct, positioned correctly with no misprints or damages. Browse our full range of machine vision and barcode reading solutions below.  


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