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Leak Testing Products

Make sure the contents of your packages don’t leak out of your products, and stop ambient materials from the environment sneaking in with a precision leak detection system from Industrial Physics.

We offer a wide range of leak testing instruments. And these solutions can be used across multiple industries, from automotive to aerospace, to defence and electronics, to medical devices and pharmaceutical and more. Our team are equipped with decades of experience, we have built a portfolio of precise leak detection systems for many test and application requirements.


Some of the common test types include:
• Pressure / Vacuum decay
• Mass Flow
• Occlusion
• Crack Test
• Chamber Testing


Medical Devices Industry:

For the medical industry, it is critical that manufacturers use various test methods to ensure the integrity of devices, such as catheters, fluid bags, and trocars, to name a few. Additionally, the packaging of medical device products must also be tested to ensure that the product remains within a sterile environment.

Leaks mean product failure. Seal or closure weakness may lead to leaks. A leak or seal weakness may lead to material leakage, environmental contamination, loss of sterility or component failure.

In order to ensure compliance with ISO 11607, our test and measurement instruments can help assure that there is no weakness in the package for leaks to be permitted. You can find out more here.


Consumer Electronics Industry:

In the world of consumer electronics, sealed devices must meet certain ingress protection requirements from dust, water and other contaminants. We are experts when it comes to IP67 and have versatile instruments that can meet IP67 requirements – but save you time and money. Learn more about IP67 equivalency testing here: IP67 Leak Detection Booklet 

Check out our expertise in practice with a spotlight on how we supported a speaker manufacturer with their leak detection and water-proofing needs: Leak Detection & Water-proofing Speakers. Additionally, you can learn about how leak testing with air can be an effective and efficient way to test the audio and sound quality of your devices: Air Leak Testing – How to Test Electronics.