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Fineness of Grind Testing Products

For perfect particle dispersion readings and the finest grindometers on the market, choose Industrial Physics.


If you make coatings and inks, or simply test them during a production process, then fineness of grind testing is essential. It’s a simple yet effective way to measure the uniformity of pigment particles they contain.


Why is this important? Before your pigments are mixed into a liquid form for dispersion, they’ll typically need to be ground or milled into fine particles. You’ll need to know the physical properties of the particles, and the point at which their size exceeds the thickness of the film itself when painted, spread, or sprayed.


Fineness of grind testing is vital to enable you to create reliable and repeatable wet films and apply them with repeatable consistency. So how is this done? You’ll need a fineness of grind gauge.


They’re known by several names including grind gauge and grindometer. But they all do the same job: to indicate the fineness of grind, or the presence of coarse particles, in a dispersion.


Our hardened, stainless steel fineness of grind gauges accurately measure the uniformity of particle dispersion to international standards. So you won’t end up with oversized particles or inconsistent dispersion problems.

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