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Double Seam Inspection Products

Seam inspection is critical for protecting yourself against leaking cans and ensuring the quality of your metal packaging – with a high-quality double seam inspection instrument you can save time, hassle, cost, and protect yourself against unwanted product recalls. 

At Industrial Physics, we’re masters of double seam inspection – in fact, twenty years ago a brand in our family became recognized as a world leader in this market by inventing automatic, double seam inspection. Access our exclusive webinar Industrial Physics’ Guide to Seam Inspection as we speak to our Global Product Line Director and one of the world’s finest minds when it comes to metal packaging. 

Our solutions are varied – whether you’re looking for destructive, non-destructive, or in-line equipment, we can help. Find out more about our solutions in our product booklet


Head to our Knowledgebase to get a glimpse into our expert insights into double seam inspection:

Or find out more about how our seam test and inspection solutions specifically for food cans and beverage cans in our latest reports.