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Contact Angle Testing Products

Need to work out how well your paints and varnishes will spread over your packaging and substrates? You can do this by using one of our precise contact angle measuring tests.

How do you do that then? Your contact angle is measured as the inward angle formed by the solid surface (base line) and the tangent line interface where your liquid droplets meet your solids.

One of our leading contact testing devices is the PocketGoniometer PGX+. This clever portable goniometer will support your quality control processes with electronic, video-based, contact-angle capability. Simply place the device on your samples and press start. No sample cutting or preparation is required, saving you time and money. You can find out how the PocketGoniometer PGX+ is used to test and inspect the quality of flexible packaging in our guidebook.

Also available from our PocketGoniometer product line is our Pocket Goniometer Dosing Unit. It focuses on quickening the cleaning process and avoiding cross product contamination. Perfect for testing tacky liquids or testing several liquids consecutively.