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Appearance Testing Products

If you want to reduce waste – and keep your customers happy – then it’s important for your products to maintain a consistent color and gloss appearance. The choices you make will impact the appearance of your brand – and what’s more, the colors and finishes will shape the buyer’s overall visual experience.

We can analyze and test your paints, inks, powder coatings, aerosols, or specialty coatings – no matter how simple or complex their formula. Need to measure the shade and opacity of coatings or films? Want to understand the best matt, mirror, or gloss finishes to your substrates? What to find out the transmission haze and reflectance haze properties of your substrates? Our instruments can help.

Whether you are working in R&D laboratory environment, or a production line, discover how our appearance testing solutions can aid you in protecting the performance of your flexible packaging – just access our guidebook for more information!