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TIPA Compostable Packaging

TIPA Compostable Packaging

Flexible Packaging

Permeation Testing


Price, reliability, service, and performance. These are all key factors that come into play when picking out a permeation test and inspection solution. And these are the factors that led TIPA, a producer of biodegradable films, to choose Industrial Physics as their testing partner.

Equipment that broadens your product offering…

TIPA is more than just a packaging producer. The organization is a cutting-edge manufacturer of sustainable flexible packaging films. And recently, the team were searching for an oxygen transmission rate analyzer to be used within an R&D environment.

Ultimately, they were in need of an instrument that would allow them to test across a range of sustainable options and ideally expand upon their product offering.

Baber Kahn, Sales Manager at Industrial Physics, explains, ‘When it comes to the development of our products, there is a robust process in place. For the OxySense 8101e OTR. we are required to test films with a wide range of barriers, starting from films with a high barrier (~0.1 cc/m2*day) to breathable sheets with an inferior barrier (~10000 cc/m2*day). This allows us to accurately determine what we can offer our customers.’

Supporting sustainable solutions

Across the broad portfolio of products on offer within Industrial Physics, we have a proven track record of supporting companies that are looking to test sustainable materials and packaging mediums.

Baber continues, ‘It was one of our distributors who was working with TIPA – they fully understood their needs and knew they were looking for a cost-effective solution that wouldn’t compromise on quality. After speaking with numerous testing providers, it became clear that the only viable option in this instance was to choose Industrial Physics.’

However, with a wide selection of permeation solutions on offer, the options that Industrial Physics had on offer were rather extensive.

You can find out more about our suite of permeation solutions here!

Ultimately, it was the OxySense 8101e OTR that best fit the needs of TIPA – due to the ease of operation, excellent sensitivity and reliability, and a wide sensor range, it was able to tick all the boxes. Due to the features of the instrument, TIPA can expand the range of the products they’re developing – a hugely beneficial factor.

According to Baber, ‘TIPA were delighted with the functionality and efficiency that the product offered, but the competitive pricing and unrivalled level of service was also a huge plus for the team. The level of technical support and the ability to have questions answered swiftly is incredibly beneficial.’

A full suite of solutions

We’re always pleased to hear that the products our customer chose solved their inspection problem. Whatever industry you work in we typically have a range of fantastic options. Other customers within the packaging industry have been equally impressed with the OxySense 5250i and the OxySense 325i.

A true partner in eco-friendly packaging

Offering solutions that support sustainability is a big part of who we are at Industrial Physics. We’ve supported many organizations across numerous industries who endeavour to ensure the integrity of their product while also striving to be more eco-friendly in their approach.

In fact, we’re so eager to support our customers that we always want to learn more. That’s why this year we reached out to 255 packaging decision makers across a multitude of geographies and markets – posing questions around how sustainable innovations are impacting quality control. You can access the findings for free here!

Access ‘2022 Global Outlook of Sustainable Packaging’ here!

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